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Orlando Magazine Bridal Blog

Orlando Magazine Bridal Blog

Nicole from “The Bridal Blog” at Orlando Magazine wrote an article about us. “My friend turned me on to text-o-graphs when she decided to have one done for her husband’s wedding gift. specializes in creating pictures made from text. In three easy steps you can design, order and upload a photo and any text […]


Kara from wrote a wonderful review of our website. “The Textographer Creates Pictures Out of Words, Literally. At first glance, this photo looks like any other poster-sized print of a very cute couple on their wedding day. But upon closer inspection…Holy cow! Are those words that make up her face? Why, yes they are. […]

Read more... featured us in the weekend edition of their email magazine. “So you’ve had this epic photo sitting around. (Okay, it’s you, riding a Bengal tiger.) And weirdly enough, you’ve got this great piece of writing that goes along with it. (Your eloquent apology to the zoo.) It’s time to combine them, through a new […]

Read more... featured us on their home page. “With Textographer, a picture is worth 1,000 words (or however many you want, really). Send the company a picture and text, and it will use that text to recreate the picture, providing limitless gifting options. Send a newly married couple a picture from their wedding made out of […]