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Choosing Your Photo and Text  //  step-1

The following information will give you everything you need to know about selecting your photograph and text to create the best text-o-graph possible. Are you unsure of how the process works? Will your picture make a good textograph? Feel free to send me an email or give me a call. I would be happy to answer any questions you might have.

(478) 216-8398


Selecting your photograph
Selecting the right photo is very important in creating a good Text-o-graph. You can use any photo regardless of subject matter. People, places, pets and objects will all create stunning Text-o-graphs. We can work with any photograph you have but we think that photos with content that fills the frame works the best.
Bad photo for a text-o-graphGreat photo for a text-o-graphGreat photo for a text-o-graphBest photo for a text-o-graph
The farther away or smaller the object or person is in the frame, the less detail we are able to achieve. If you don’t own image editing software we recommend using a free web based image editor like to crop your photograph.

Photo File Size
We recommend that any photo you submit to be at least 1 mega bite in size. If you are submitting a photo that you have taken with your digital camera you should be fine. Just send us the largest file of the photo you have. If you plan to scan a photo we recommend that you scan the image at 300dpi. Our preferred file type is a .jpg or jpeg. We will also accept TIFF and PNG formats.

Selecting your text
Your options are unlimited. Love letters, poems, song lyrics, scripture and literature are all great options for your Text-o-graph. The standard Text-o-graph can be created with one sentence of text up to a full page of text. For the best results we recommend that your text be at least 5 sentences long. The longer the better. We will repeat your text to fill the entire picture.

Text Color Options
Full Color” or “Black and White” text. With the “Full Color” option we use the original color of the photograph to create your text. If you choose the “Black and White” option all color will be removed.